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F R E Q U E N T L Y     A S K E D    Q U E S T I O N s

Q: Do you provide wedding consultations and trials?

A: Yes, I fully recommend them. It is at this time the bride and I will talk about style, colors, and wedding details. A full makeup application (as if it were the day of) will be included in the trial. Sessions typically run 2 hours.

Q: Is there a bridal contract?

A: Yes, there is. This is usually discussed at the consultations and is given to the bride upon booking.

Q: Is all bridal makeup done by one person?

A: Most of the time, yes. At most, I can work on 6-8 people depending on makeup style. Any more than that, another makeup artist will be recruited.

Q: How long does a makeup session take?

A: It can range from 30 - 45 minutes depending on any skin issues as well as the complexity of the job.

Q: Are the makeup and brushes cleaned?

A: Yes. Before every makeup job, the brushes are deep-cleaned and makeup is sanitized. Certain makeup products - such as mascara, lip gloss, etc. - are replaced on a regular basis. For makeup application on more than one individual, brushes go through a quick cleaning process between each person and makeup is also sanitized.

Q: Are your products low-end or high-end?

A: Most of the products I use are high-end (MAC, NARS, Makeup Forever, Urban Decay) but I also use low-end products such as Loreal and Cover Girl. I use what I think works well.

Q: What type of environment do you need to work in?

A: As long as I have a small place to set my makeup kit and brushes, I am ready to go. A space with ample lighting is also essential (natural lighting is best). On larger jobs, I bring my portable makeup chair for convenience.